Sciency Stuff

All throughout my life, I have been interested in science. In fact, my brain is strangely balanced between logic and creativity: I score higher in math (710) and verbal (690) on my GREs! I even remember when I received a rotary scholar award in highschool and when asked, “what do you want to do,” I said “be a nuclear physicist and write novels.” They said I would have to choose one… Regardless, while I have pursued largely creative endeavors, I have always kept my finger in the pies of science spending lots of reading and thinking time in physics and biology. As an auto-didactic polymath, I follow my own path but delve deeply into academic papers. I love theoretical and applied mathematics as much as the thematic complexity of Faulkner. These posts are just general musings about different science topics, often fusing thought-experiments and philosophy with traditional science subjects.

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