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You’ve probably already seen a bunch of predictions about streaming in 2024. Maybe Evan Shapiro? Maybe Thierry Fautier? And while these are excellent sources for looking at streaming as an industry or a business, I’m not really interested in that. As the Executive Director of the Streaming Video Technology Alliance, …

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Welcome to my blog. I am a career creative technology guy. What does that mean? Basically, it means I don’t really have a career home. I’ve spent a lot of my life building and architecting software, designing technology services and products, marketing those technologies, and lots and lots of writing. Although my advanced degree is in Literature, I have spent my life living in both the literary and science worlds. As much as I love writing fiction and poetry (with some very minor success), thinking about philosophy (I lean pretty close to Alan Watts), I also love neuroscience, physics (QM mainly), and math and have spent lots of free time (decades really) exploring those subjects. This blog is really the brain vomit of everything that’s going on inside the mushy gray mass in my skull. Sometimes you may find yourself going down the rabbit hole (like in my explorations around time travel and QM) and so all I can say is, “I hope you have a good journey.”

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