Why Apple, Microsoft, or Amazon Will Win the the Living Room

Apple’s recent launch of a much-revised and improved Apple TV experience brings the family room back into the spotlight, where a long-standing war has been raging. From game consoles to set-top boxes (STB) to smart apps, a host of hardware and software companies have been vying for the coveted “gateway” spot—the main device or application […]

What Esports Can Teach Video Creators About Attracting Viewers

In case you haven’t heard, esports have been taking the world by storm. From Asia to Europe to the Americas, kids playing video games compete against each other for millions of dollars in prizes. No, you read that right. Kids playing video games are making millions of dollars. Not all of them, of course, but […]

When Viewers Turn to YouTube for Brand Video, Brands Lose Out

If you were asked the question today, “Which video content is more important—yours or your viewers’?” you’d probably answer, “Mine.” But would you be right? Before I answer that question, let’s take a brief look at content production as it stands. You might assume that professionals—people who make a living producing videos—produce most of the […]

Welcome to the Broadcasting Revolution, Open to All Creators

When we talk about how video is changing, we tend to focus on the viewer—how the experience today is different than it was even a few years ago; about cord cutters, online, and OTT vs. the traditional TV experience. But when we emphasize the ways that technological changes have affected viewers, we marginalize a tremendous […]

What Happened to the Future of Interactive, Immersive Video?

Ten years ago, had you asked the question, “What will the future of video be?” most people would have painted you a picture straight out of Minority Report—a personalized, interactive experience in which viewers can engage with the objects in the video by clicking on them. But look at the conversations we have about video today—which […]